New issue published - Sulev Mäeltsemees: Municipal Autonomy in Context

The new issue of Administrative Culture (vol. 17 no. 2) is now published online (open access) and will soon be available in printed version.

The new issue is dedicated to the academic works of Professor Sulev Mäeltsemees and features the following articles:

  • Introduction by Wolfgang Drechsler
  • Sulev Mäeltsemees (2011) Local Self-Government in Estonia
  • Sulev Mäeltsemees (2016) Die Entwicklung der Verwaltungsreform in Estland in den Jahren 1989-2016
  • Sulev Mäeltsemees, Ülle Madise, Priit Vinkel (2008) Dimensions of Administrative Culture in Estonia
  • Sulev Mäeltsemees (2010) The Capital City in the Local Self-Government System in Central and Eastern European and Caucasus Countries
  • Sulev Mäeltsemees (2015) In Deutschland als DAAD-Stipendiat

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ISSN: 1736-6089