The new issue of Administrative Culture (vol. 18 no. 1) is now published online (open access) and will soon be available in printed version.

The new issue features the following articles:

  • Jide Ibietan and Okey Ikeanyibe: "Decentralisation And Local Government Autonomy: Implications For Grassroots Development In Nigeria’s Fourth Republic"
  • Jana Bendel and Gunnhildur Lily Magnusdottir: "Opportunities and Challenges of a Small State Presidency: The Estonian Council Presidency 2017"
  • Eugenie A. Samier: "Islamic Public Administration Tradition: Historical, Theoretical and Practical Dimensions"
  • Teguh Kurniawan, Eko Prasojo and Gunadi: "Corruptive Behavior of the Heads of Local Governments in Indonesia"