Participative Governance Tools in the Polish Local Government

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Małgorzata Madej


Participation is an important element of good governance, and has impact on both its efficiency and democratic character. This is why the local governments in Poland apply a growing number of diverse participatory tools in strategic planning, as well as problem solving. The article aims to review the most common among those tools to provide an overview of how communes encourage citizen involvement in decision-making process. Among others, the article discusses such popular tools as consultations and participatory budgeting, as well as the more innovative ones, including civic panels and city labs. It also reflects on how participatory governance tools should be assessed and which of their features are key.

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Małgorzata Madej, University of Wrocław

Małgorzata Madej, Ph.D. is a political scientist at the University of Wrocław, Poland. Her main scientific interests include participatory democracy, social movements and local governance. Author and co-author of three books published in Poland, book chapters and journal articles. Deputy editor-in-chief of the Polish Political Science Review. Dr. Madej can be contacted at

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