Vol 10 (2009)

Europanization of Public Administration

Table of Contents


Towards a Neo-Weberian European Union? Lisbon Agenda and Public Administration PDF
Wolfgang Drechsler 6-21
Local and Regional Governance in Finland A Study on Institutionalisation, Transformation and Europeanization PDF
Michael Kull 22-39
Europeanisation of Territorial Governance in Three Eastern/Central European Countries PDF
Ilona Pálné Kovács 40-57
Brussels comes via Helsinki: The Role of Finland in Europeanisation of Estonian Education Policy PDF
Anu Toots 58-73
Trust and Integrity Violations in Finnish Public Administration: The Views of Citizens PDF
Ari Salminen, Rinna Ikola-Norrbacka 74-93
Public Sector Reform in Central and Eastern Europe PDF
Geert Bouckaert 94-104

ISSN: 1736-6089