Vol 8 (2007)

Aesthetics of Government

Table of Contents


“Art-Full” Government: On the Aesthetics of Politics and Public Administration (Editor’s Introduction) pdf
Eugenie Samier 4-13
Aesthetics of the Police Station in Three Countries: An Exercise in Using Fictive Material in Creating Aesthetic Profiles PDF
Markku Temmes 14-37
Unconscious Aesthetics in Financial Public Management: Political Science on a Ubiquitous, Deceivingly Uninteresting Topic PDF
Pertti Ahonen 38-68
Aesthetic Tension between Politics and Government pdf
Kyösti Pekonen 70-83
The Aestheticisation of Politics: The Presentation of Self in Finnish Political Advertising PDF
Juri Mykkanen 84-100

ISSN: 1736-6089